Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching


It’s the beginning of a new year, a blank slate, time to take a look at what worked and what didn’t, and make adjustments. January 1 is the day most people reflect on the past and resolve to improve their future.

GH must have done just that last January 1st, as our favorite soap improved dramatically this past year. We got some outstanding drama, some hilarious humor, hidden talents exposed at Karaoke Night, and children who grew by leaps and bounds…really. Most improved in this past year’s storytelling were the romances unfolding. I, for one, couldn’t be happier. “Love in the Afternoon” was the premise of daytime serial dramas when they began, and certainly, it’s what worked when they were at their peak of popularity. And couldn’t we all use a little “Love in the Afternoon?”

When I reflect at my favorite moments of ‘o9, I think of moments that swept me away with emotion and anticipation, or both. Some of those moments we saw coming for a while, others were surprises, while yet others we thought impossible until they happened. 

No matter how they happened, some of the best romances of ’09 also gave us some of the best moments! 

*  Olivia and Johnny’s May-December romance, which is funny since they hooked up for the first time in May, and they seemed just about over last time we saw them in…December!

* Kate and Coleman is about as unlikely as they come, but they are sexy and cute! And I’d love to see their hook-up play out! And who doesn’t want to see more of Megan Ward?

*  Mac and Alexis make so much sense that I don’t know how no one thought of it before now! They have the potential to give us really good laughs and some sweet moments…and I love John J. York! Bring it on!

*  Spinelli and Maxie’s friendship and one-sided love story became a full blown romance when Maxie realized exactly what she had in Spinelli right before she lost him. It’s been one hell of a ride for them since Maxie’s declaration of love, unfortunately with Spinelli hitting most of the bumps and all of the lows (Johnny and Franco).

*  Sonny and Claudia’s desperately dysfunctional relationship began with a quest for power, and ended tragically with a quest for revenge. In between, there were some moments where the two enemies seemed to connect, and Sonny might have actually started to romanticize the relationship as much as his scornful and bitter bride, but in the end, the fact that she ordered the hit that put Michael in a coma was just a bit more than Sonny could handle.

*  Luke and Tracy may just hold the current record for the longest marriage, as crazy as that sounds! What’s so great about them is that in spite of the tricks and the scams, and the fake weddings to ex-wives, we have seen Luke and Tracy really learn to care about each other. It’s love, folks! I can’t explain it, but it is!

*  Max and Diane were once just “fooling around”, yet slowly but surely their “fling” has blossomed into a really sweet, and loving relationship. I love how they seem to trip over one misunderstanding after another, yet they always end up “making up.” Romance with a laugh…I’ll take it!

*  Robin and Patrick are married, with a baby, brilliant and busy doctors, and yet they still find the time to have fun, to talk, to work out their issues (which were huge in ’09), and even for romance. Robin and Patrick are important for all of us because they prove that marriage for a favorite couple doesn’t need to mean the end of their appeal.

*  Lucky and Liz have a longtime love that had the power to heal and forgive and make it through anything. JJ’s Lucky made me want Lucky to win out, in spite of my personal feelings for Liz. I once rooted for Lucky and Liz, and after all Lucky has put up with, he deserves to have Liz beg. I really wish that Jake would turn out to be Lucky’s simply for the fact that it would give him some leverage. Until now, Liz has held all the cards. Making him Jake’s dad would even out the playing field a little. I do like Lucky, and wish him a little happiness – on his terms.

Carly and Jax have had one incredible year. They got back together, they got pregnant, they built a new house, Michael woke up, Michael came home and moved out and came home again, Michael ran away, came home, then killed Claudia moments after Carly gave birth in a cabin in the middle of a storm. Then Carly and Jax broke up again because of Jax’s secrets, they got back together, in spite of Jax still having secrets, and shared a wonderful and humorous family Christmas. Jax loves Carly. There’s no doubt in my mind about that. Carly loves Jax. I don’t doubt that either, but sometimes, love isn’t enough. You’ve gotta have trust and communication, and you’ve gotta know that a person’s love for you is bigger than their hate for someone else, and that is where it may get the best of our Jax and Carly.

*  Jason and Sam are soulmates in every sense of the word. This time last year, we saw them bond over their concern for Spinelli’s well-being. We saw them team up in SuperHero Mode and save Port Charles from the lethal biotoxin scare, and Spinelli from a burning GH. We saw Jason call on Sam to go track down Anthony Zacchara in a place where Sam could wear a bikini and welcome him to Paradise. Sam saved Spinelli from the Feds, and Jason was grateful, and inspired to help get McCall & Jackal P.I. going. It only got better from there as Sam became his rock during Michael’s risk-it-all surgery and his transformation when he woke up. Jason in turn was there to catch her when she needed to jump from a building in her underwear, when she was being threatened by the mayor’s goon, when Alexis hurt her feelings, and when Sam was reminded of losing her baby. Sam helped Jason investigate Dominic in a stripper outfit that left Jason speechless, then saved Jason from bleeding to death under the rubble of the church, nursed him through a near fatal fever, and talked him through delirium and bought him back via their own trip down Memory Lane. Who will ever forget the moment Jason whispered that he loved her, and was finally able to rest comfortably when Sam said she loved him too? Then we got a love scene that rocked our socks and assured Sam (and us) that NOTHING was wrong with Jason PHYSICALLY, followed by a sweet and sexy, well-timed reunion full of loving moments, laughs and finally “I Love Yous” that left no doubt. It’s been an amazing year for Jason and Sam, and this year promises to get better, as it will kick off with Jason searching for “The Love of His Life!” I won’t miss a minute!

Did you take the time last year to share your excitement, delight, happiness and joy with TPTB over THE BEAUTY OF GH moments that you enjoyed most? Did you help inspire the writers to give you more of something fabulous by calling the comment lines, sending emails, or participating in one of the many awesome fan campaigns? ( is the place for that)

Why not make RESOLUTIONS right now, that this will be the year that we drown out the negativity with our positive praise over the BEAUTY OF GH as it plays out onscreen? Let’s resolve to actively make GH #1 by WATCHING daily, voting, calling and emailing! 

We can make 2010 GH’s best year yet! We have the power to get it done!


I leave you with a couple of great vids…

The first one is a beautiful collection of clips of the many different GH Couples: Credit: Tammy442, She makes AWESOME VIDS!

This one, of course, is a JaSam Love vid, combined with a song sung by the Cast of GLEE! What a great combination, no?: Credit: shyjay, it’s just…LOVE!



3 responses

  1. tchrof6th

    Wonderful! Love it! I so hope this New Year finds us seeing our couple stretched to a new beginning and realizing that the wait was worth it!
    Happy New Year girl! Enjoy 2010! I know I will !

    January 1, 2010 at 11:03 pm

  2. JAgirl28

    Since you are an oldie but goodies lover too I will share a vid I found on YT made by jasamLane a fellow D&T er I love it, hope you do too.

    January 3, 2010 at 7:54 pm

  3. Annette

    Good points, I think I will definitely subscribe!🙂. I’ll go and read some more!

    January 7, 2010 at 12:49 am

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