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Save The Drama For Your Mama!

I think that’s what Jax was trying to say to Dominic when he said, “Save the Melodrama for your mother.” I thought maybe he just lost something in the translation from Outback slang…either way, it made me chuckle!

Come to think of it, there are a few Port Charles residents that could use the advice “Save the Drama For Your Mama!”

Starting with…

Jax ~ I have tried to give Jax the benefit of the doubt on more than one occasion. I believed he was just caught up in doing the wrong things for the right reasons, but yesterday between his conversation with Dominic, then Lucky, I was hanging my head in shame. Oh Jax, this is bad, really bad! Please stay out of it. Stop creating more drama than you are prepared to deal with. Please…for Baby Josslyn, if you can’t do it for the sake of your marriage!

Maxie ~ I, like Sam, am not judging…really. It was Franco, after all. However, Maxie seems to be creating even more drama as a result of her guilt. Everytime Spinelli walks in she’s shouting or shreeking at someone about Franco, and if Spinelli must hear the truth, I think it would be kinder to hear the truth from his Maximista’s remorseful lips, and NOT by accident. All this drama is going to hurt Spinelli even more once he figures out what was really going on all along. I mean when Maxie was rambling about redecorating the BAT CAVE (lol), I was reminded that every lie we tell leads to another lie and then another, and something is always lost under the pile of lies. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this all works out in the end,but it doesn’t look good.

Kate ~ I was begging Kate not to talk about Sonny and Olivia! DON’T GIVE IN TO THE DRAMA, KATE! Rise above it…back away from it….hell, run the other way, but you are better than this! I wanted her to ignore whatever “look” was on Sonny’s face and walk right back out whatever door she came in through. I didn’t want her to humiliate herself by acting like it mattered, but alas, she did just that. Oh well, just think of the satisfaction when Sonny realizes that Olivia has been lying all these years!

Elizabeth ~ OH. MY. WORD. Was I the only one feeling nauseated when Liz was going on and on about why she shouldn’t be held responsible for sleeping with her fiance’s brother? I’ll say it again…she is talking to the wrong doctor! What Liz is doing is called RATIONALIZING and really, it just needs to stop. Listen, if Nik rocks your world like no one else has (or at least this week), then be HONEST and tell Lucky the truth and go be with Nik. BUT…The problem with that solution is that someone ALWAYS rocks Liz’s world as long as they are forbidden. Once she could be with Nik, his “darkness” or his “family” or something like that would cool Liz’s jets right up and it would be over…just like it was with Jason!

I will tell you this…her “Woe Is Me” performance yesterday sent me right to YouTube to see if I was losing my mind…she did after all say that she: a) RARELY initiates sex, and b) would be happy to never have it again, and I’m sorry, but who is she talking about? Not the Liz I know and love to hate! So I went on a history run and Ummm…I’m not losing my mind. 

(Hint: Zander-BOTH times…Liz’s idea, and HELLO! Was that Jason I saw being LED UP THE  STAIRS BY THE HAND!…just sayin’)

Listen,’re an adult. Sleep with whomever you want, just stop being a fake. Save the drama you’re dishing to Robin and just admit that you’re not the saint you portray. Hypocrisy drives me insane!

Well, GHers, it’s always good news for the writers when we, the viewers, can find someone we love to hate! Fait Accompli, GH Writers! I literally wanted to slap some people around yesterday!

But guess what? It’s still all good because it’s what will drive me to tune in today…and THAT, my friends, is the beauty of GH! 🙂


One response

  1. Jackie

    Oh I know…Liz is getting on my last nerve…I love Liz with Nic but again I have to admit as you so generously pointed out that Liz lives for men who are bad for her or are forbidden…little sick and twisted I’m thinkin’
    And my mouth dropped when she talked about how she never initiates it…OMGosh Liz get a grip! I mean 15 flights of stairs must ahve seemed like no big deal then and making love to Jason and swearing it was nothing…OK whatever makes you sleep at night girl….but that’s not what I saw on my screen….

    One good thing though….NIZ together means my couple can have peace and quiet from the Nymph of PC…

    December 6, 2009 at 4:58 pm

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