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Credit: Hollie's Clips, D&T ūüėČ

I know, I know…I haven’t posted in a few days, and I have lots to talk about, but yesterday’s episode ended with the sexiest THUD I’ve ever heard…and really, had I not been sitting, there would have been a not-so-sexy THUD at my house, too!

I LOVE GH Montages…I think I’ve mentioned that before. But I REALLY love sexy GH montages…and yesterday’s montage was SMOKIN HOT!

Am I the only one loving Alexis and Mac? Really, I want to know! I think they are endearingly cute, and let’s face it: they’re both pretty “overdue” for some lovin…I cannot wait to see where this leads!

* Max and Diane…SOOOOO glad they’re back together!

* Sonny and Carly…just love the love they share, even when it’s not the romantic kind.

* Luke and Tracy…so wrong, it’s right, and funny as hell!

* Olivia and Johnny…listen, say what you want, but if there was a hot, young, thing wanting to kiss you senseless, I doubt you’d walk away either!

* Dominic and Lulu…oh, Dante! You are more like your daddy than you could ever imagine! How sweet was that embrace?

And of course, my FAVE, FAVE, FAVE…

* Jason and Sam…Ahhh, that moment when Sam puts her arms around Jason and he gets that look of contentment mixed with gratitude, while she lays her head on his back and gets that same, exact look was just so magical! And when he turns to kiss her and she smiles, it made me squeal! I didn’t even recognize the sound when it came out! And that THUD?…I’d walk around with a concussion if it meant Jason would slam me into a wall for kisses that HOT!!! Whew!

Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco are two of the sexiest people on television! Put them together and even 20 seconds of kissing, fully clothed no less, is an uber sexy love scene!

Okay…now let’s catch up on everyone else.

First and foremost, let me say that I SOOOOO ENJOY the Karaoke scenes! Each and every scene was fun and adorable! Loved Alexis and Mac – and can they move or what? (LOL) Luke and Ethan – too cute! Carolyn Hennessey’s Diane? That COUGAR was ON THE PROWL! And Derk Cheetwood plays the Crap Out¬†of his scenes! I¬†LOVE MAX! ¬†Congrats, GH for employing such an innovative and fun way to use the longevity characters we all love so much! Can we get Bobbie involved in the next Karaoke night? She’s got Nurse’s Ball experience! Just a thought….

Elizabeth and The Brothers Grim – Does anyone remember Ally McBeal? I used to love it when Ally had one of those out of body experiences where she imagined what could, or would happen IF…

I think¬†one¬†of the GH writers was an Ally McBeal fan.¬†Lately Liz has been having lots of Ally McBeal moments. The one where Lucky calls her a whore and throws money at her so that he could “stay in the mix” was one of my favorites! If only Lucky would rip that pedestal right out from under her, she might finally have to think with her head instead of her hormones. Her excuse to Robin was that “she’d never been kissed like that” and that’s why she’s suddenly walking around “obsessed” with her fiance’s brother. (I’ve been watching GH for a long time, and I will admit that Nik does have a unique way of kissing his women, but…) Give me a break, Liz! What was your excuse with Jason? “You’d never been ignored like that for so long so you became obsessed?” ¬†THUD! That’s the sound of my hand smacking my forehead everytime Liz makes such a stupid, self-centered statement! Hey, shouldn’t Robin know where Lainey is?

Jax and Olivia – Listen: THUD! That’s the sound of the slamming of doors in your faces when your secrets are out! Carly is going to have a¬†TOUGH time forgiving this one, Jax! I get it, you think Sonny is a danger to your family. But Carly trusted you and told you Michael killed Claudia, and you are moving heaven and earth to have Sonny go down for it! What would that do to Michael? Do you even care? Ay… And Olivia, Olivia, Olivia. When Johnny AND Sonny AND Dante find out who your baby daddy is…God will be the only person still willing to listen to you!

Robin and Patrick – I must’ve missed the THUD responsible for your impaired judgement! It is NEVER a good idea to “hang out” with the ex, especially when said ex seems to only remember the sex. This situation has neon lights flashing warnings all over the place, but the good doctors just don’t seem to notice. We’ll keep our fingers crossed on this one…

Kristina and Keifer – I applaud GH writers for playing out this teen abuse s/l! It happens so much more than we realize. Keifer is an out-of-control control freak bully that makes me want to bash his head in! I have a 17-year-old daughter and the thought of some punk treating her like that makes me crazy! I think it’s really good for girls to see what it looks like from the outside looking in – it may be the only way they some girls can see how wrong it is to allow someone else to treat you that way. Bravo, GH! And Keifer, there’s a THUD for you too…it’s the sound of your body hitting the floor when Sonny finds out what you’ve been doing to his baby girl!

Dominic and Lulu – Your THUD was mercifully absent yesterday…it’s usually the sound of you bumping heads over Sonny. Your quiet, tender moment outside of Jake’s was nice. I like it much better when you guys aren’t talking as much. ūüėČ

Maxie and Spinelli – I worry about secrets between people who are in love! Especially when they’re as cute as you two! Kudos to Bradford Anderson on totally making us believe he was moments away from a THUD of his own when Maxie whispered in Spinelli’s ear. Bradford does smitten so well!

Alexis & Mac, Tracy & Luke, Diane & Max – THUD! Karaoke, tipsy women and horny men…need I say more? You get the picture!

Oh, GHers, what fun our favorite soap is to watch! I have been enjoying every episode for totally new reasons daily! Tell me what you’re enjoying most…I’d really love to hear!


2 responses

  1. JAgirl28

    That few minutes was pure JASAM magic at it’s best. They do not need all the sweating and grunting that ‘other” couples need to show to show TRUE passion ans chemistry! I LOVE THIS COUPLE!

    December 5, 2009 at 4:03 pm

  2. Jackie

    I am with you…THUD is the perfect word for those scenes…I especially loved the THUD … when Jason got Sam up against the wall…that was HOTTTTTTTT

    December 6, 2009 at 4:50 pm

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