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Tired Of Turkey? Might I Suggest Chinese?

If your family is anything like mine, no one wants to hear anything else about turkey past the turkey leftovers for lunch today. In fact, when I mentioned dinner I heard, “What about Chinese?”

What a great suggestion! Especially on a day when most of us are going through GH withdrawals. You know that when you give a JaSam fan chinese food…chances are, they’re going to want to reminisce about some JaSam ROMANCE…

And what better way to reminisce than to watch some of the best JaSam Chinese Food Scenes? So whether you’re having turkey sandwiches, turkey salad, or Chinese like we are…here’s a little sweetness for your viewing pleasure!

These are some of my favorite scenes with our Favorite Couple and their love for Chinese Food! I hope you enjoy them as much this time around as you did the first time!

Credit on first two Vids to NickyM96. Please check out her YouTube Channel, she’s done a great job cataloging all of our favorite JaSam moments:



 Credit for Rooftop Romance to luckiBelle. Check out her YouTube Channel, she’s got some fabulous JaSam vids!



Hopefully Jason and Sam will have share some Chinese Food in the near future and we’ll have some new memories to add to the collection!

JaSam Forever!



One response

  1. unconditionallyinluvwithjason

    haha i think you should make one of the tags for this chinese food. it would just be funny knowing that someone searches for chinese food and up pops jasam lol

    November 27, 2009 at 7:44 pm

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