Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

Franco Is Good Medicine…

Well, the flu made it to my house, and try as I might, getting thoughts together for my new favorite pastime (this blog) eluded me. I was, however, able to use my thumb to TWEET my excitement when I finally saw Franco in action outside of his Mad Hottie Studio. My Goodness! He is just YUMMMMMMY! I honestly started to feel better as I watched on Friday!

I am sooooooo thrilled about this storyline! The more I think about it, the more I feel James Franco deserves to “inherit” us soap fans as his fans when his run at GH is over. The buzz he has generated for the soap so dear to our hearts is really just amazing! I know I’ll be on the ticket line for his next movie…what about you?

Well, GHers, this week certainly had lots to talk about…Allow me to review the last few days so I can get it all off my chest.

Had I been able to write a post these past few days, I would have titled it…THE LIES WE TELL…OURSELVES.

Why? Because Port Charles is swarming with lies…and thus, liars. But I got to thinking as I watched each lying scene unfold, really the lies begin with the lie we must tell ourselves FIRST.

I have to begin with the(albeit weakening) pillar of Port Charles society. Elizabeth Webber is headed down a slippery slope. Problem is, she’s keeps walking back to the top of the slope to slide down AGAIN! 

The first lie Liz told herself, before telling it to Nicholas, is that she hates what she’s doing to Lucky. That’s a lie. She likes this mess she’s in. Before you disagree, understand one thing. If she hated it as much as she claims, she’d stop. She’s no longer a teenager experiencing a bout of rebellion which leads to destructive behaviors. Elizabeth didn’t recently experience a life-altering moment like illness or loss; something that would catapult her into loving one brother and lusting after another.

This thing with Nik was premeditated. Together, they fed and nurtured this beast between them and now it’s too big to fit in the cage. In fact, it’s loose and on the prowl, and in danger of consuming them. And Liz? She keeps throwing scraps at it! Stop lying to yourself Liz and perhaps then you can stop lying to everyone else, like Lucky and Nik and Sam.

Yes, Liz, you lied to Sam. Oh, you may have sounded sincere to an untrained ear (not mine, or Sam’s) but the truth is you weren’t sorry for judging Sam all those times. You didn’t want her to forgive you for all the times you slung mud down at her from your high and lofty pedestal, or told her what a piece of trash she was, or looked down your nose at her (which was quite a feat since you’re both the same size). You were feeling the need to be forgiven for behaving even more reprehensibly than her. Sam made some monstrous, ugly, hurtful mistakes. But she stopped lying to herself and owned them. Then she begged forgiveness, even grovelled at yours and everyone else’s feet, and lost just about everything she held dear as penance. What you are doing is saying, “Should you or anyone else find out that I’m not as saintly or virtuous as perceived (and I’m praying no one ever does), please don’t judge me as harshly as I judged you.”  You don’t want to lose anything…or anyone. Just a little selfish, don’t you think?

Nice try, Fallen Angel, but life rarely works out that way. Karma guarantees it.

Another liar is Olivia. She is lying to herself when she expects anyone to believe that Sonny could actually be there to make her feel “safe.” Olivia, honey, I admit I was among the first to think your son Dante was an idiot for leaving that picture with you. I knew it could only end badly. But, I get what he was trying to do now, because the whole time you were making doe eyes at Sonny, and feeling sorry for him for his awful childhood, I was screaming at you, “LOOK AT THE PICTURE!”

Yes, I know Sonny didn’t kill Claudia, but Olivia doesn’t know that.

You are lying to yourself Olivia, and that’s new, since you usually just lie to everyone else. 😉

Lulu, your lies just make me crazy. One minute you’re worried about Dominic, the next minute you’re about to sell him down the river…make up your freakin mind! Stop lying to yourself. What you need is someone who will STAY, the way Luke didn’t. Johnny fit that bill for a while, but when he didn’t, it all fell apart. As long as Dominic was lapping at your heels, things were good. The minute you think something will happen to change that, you start acting crazy. Is Lainey back yet? My goodness, the women alone in Port Charles can make her a fortune!

Noticeably NOT on my list of liars is Nik. Say what you want…he’s a backstabber, a cheat, world’s worst brother, but at least he’s honest. He wants Liz, his brother’s one and only love…plain and simple. He knows it’s wrong, but that’s not changing anything. And, he wants to tell Lucky the truth. You’ve gotta give him credit for the little things…I can also give him credit for being incredibly hot, but that’s neither here nor there. 😉

Other than the lies and the liars, there is something that made me feel really proud of GH this week. Johnny’s argument with Olivia. Yes, it was explosive and angry, but it wasn’t ugly or abusive or violent. There wasn’t any name-calling involved, and we were reminded that lovers can fight without wounding each other. That to me was a thing of beauty this week. Bravo to the writers! Nicely done!

My resident hottie, Jason is about to have his already Mad World turned upside down. I can’t remember a time when I was so anxious for a lunatic to come after the one I love…but who can resist, when that lunatic is so scrumptious? Mmm mmm mmm! I like crazy!

I have a feeling more lies are in the forecast for Port Charles…Franco’s arrival is going to shake things up a whole lot, and things haven’t even settled down from the last nightmare. GH is a powerhouse these days! You cannot afford to miss a single minute, or you risk missing something big and significant!

I need a cigarette! (and I don’t even smoke!)


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