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Swept Away By Sweeps!

Franco MaxieI cannot remember the last time Sweeps of any kind managed to have this kind of effect!  Have you seen the latest promo for James Franco’s Guest Star role on General Hospital?

If not, check it out: 

But I warn you, you’ll need to take it frame by frame, because there is THAT much going on in a little over 1 minute!

I love James Franco…I loved him in Milk, I adored him Tristan & Isolde, and even in Freaks and Geeks, but I’ve never loved him more than right now! He is getting our GH the attention it deserves! How can we not love him?

Each of his scenes in this promo has me mesmerized…there’s some seriously freaky stuff going on with Franco…I mean, why else would Maxie be wearing a red blindfold, lying on the FLOOR, inside the chalk outline of what seems to be the staged Claudia crime scene? Well…then again, we saw Maxie ripping his shirt off too, so really, there’s very little one might say “no” to in the name of passion with Franco. Let’s not judge Maxie too harshly.

Anyway, our highly anticipated Franco appears to be a little “off”, but FRANC-ly, sick and twisted never looked so good!

How will Franco affect our favorite people in Port Charles? The possibilities are endless!

I cannot wait to be swept away…what about you?

10 days and counting…


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