Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

It’s A Positive Blog, That’s Why!

Okay, GHers, some of you wanted to know why I didn’t comment on the final few seconds of the show when Lucky shot Nik. Remember, I said I would only post positive comments…but if you really want me to…I guess I can say that the last 10 seconds of the shooting scene were EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD COMIC RELIEF. I have watched those 10 seconds about 10 times on YT, and I could barely see through the tears! So yes, I will go on record saying, Thanks GH for the laughter. Any day with laughter is a day with less sadness!

In case you want to see The COMEDIC BEAUTY OF GH, here’s the link. Skip to the last few seconds for the funny stuff. 😉

I hope that made everyone happy… 😉


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