Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

It’s My Party And I’ll…Die If He Wants Me To

If I were any less enthused about today’s episode, I could list just two things of beauty right off the bat and be done with it…


They are a thing of beauty…even when those dimples are making an appearance right before (it appears) he will blow his wife’s pretty little head off. I have to applaud Maurice Benard. He’s got that Godfather cool down. When he calmly told Jason to “play it (the CD) again”, I got the chills. Well done!

But those dimples…well, they could’ve earned their very own paycheck today. They were commanding attention through every scene that followed! Ahhh!

But alas, there was more BEAUTY to be found on todays’ episode…and it was of the more substantial variety: THE ACTING!

Maurice reminded me today why he’s a favorite lead actor. He worked that scene like nobody’s business! What charisma!

And how ’bout that Steve Burton? Another favorite lead actor,  Steve doesn’t have dimples, but only because it would have been too much on an already perfect man. I could go on about his eyes or his muscles or sweet heaven…his lips, forever, but all that physical beauty has to take a back seat today to the beauty of his acting.

You know you’re a fan of someone’s ability when you watch TV and can picture them in any show you watch…doing it better. I can picture Steve playing just about any character on any show and doing it even better. I guess that makes me a certified fan!

Steve is an amazing actor, and we are truly blessed that he sees GH as his home. Really…what range! In one scene he’s shouting with such vehemence that Spinelli wants to hide in his pink room, and the next scene he’s stroking Sam’s hair away from her face so tenderly, I could cry!

He has played this story arc so well…from anger to confusion to singleminded obsession to doubt. And I’ve struggled with his decisions right along with him. That is interactive entertainment, people! I am so glad that gone are the days when Jason would just lurk in bushes and alleys…or the more recent TORTURED ANGST every single day storyline…he’s too good an actor…and getting better every day (just like his hotness quotient!)

And in more Beauty of GH…I love: 1.) Sam’s acceptance of Jason and who he is. I always tell my kids: Be yourself. I love that Jason can be himself, and still be loved and accepted. I had always gotten behind every pairing they gave Jason, just because I wanted to see him kissing someone, if not me. 🙂 But when they paired Jason with Sam, I realized how unfair and really unrealistic those other pairings had been. No one loved Jason for who he was…only for what they imagined he could be in their idea of what acceptable was. Ummm…that’s not love. Sam loved and accepted him AS IS, and she still does. Jason walks a little differently when Sam is in his life, and I for one, love that. I am forever ruined to the idea of Jason with anyone else. 2.) I loved that after the fight, Claudia actually looked like she’d gotten a butt-whooping. Sarah Joy Brown it seems, literally took one for the team, because she had a pretty nasty red mark on her face. It made me smile. (Should I be concerned about that realization?)

Today’s show was the beginning of sweeps, and I expect to be completely swept up in the next few days. I expect great things from GH…I’ve seen snippets of much improved storylines, and THANKS TPTB, lots of romantic possibilities. It seems someone figured out that Soaps are, first and foremost, an escape for most people. Who would want to escape to more heartache and broken relationships? We LOVE love stories, and lately GH has provided a pairing romantic for just about everyone! I LOVE IT!

Finally, my last thing of beauty on GH today was that the writers totally took advantage of what really works for VIEWERS: CONNECTIONS. (Just ask Y&R) Today we were reminded that GH characters are in fact connected and intertwined and it played out on screen  beautifully. I love GH group scenes, especially when they make sense. Claudia’s Party guest list made sense, and the writers explained how. Great job, writers!

Looking forward to the next episode with a slightly elevated pulse…Where was the GH Beauty for you in today’s episode?


One response

  1. MiszNelique

    I gotta hand it to you, you are simply the best.
    I could not have said it any better myself .
    Consider me your number one fan 🙂

    November 1, 2009 at 2:46 am

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