Focusing On The Things That Keep Us Watching

Hello GH World!

As often as we complain about storylines and pairings, and all the other things that make us want to throw something at our screens, at the end of the day, most of us are really glad we still have our beloved General Hospital to watch. It’s more than we can say for Guiding Light….

Which brings me to the inspiration for my blog. As I follow tweets from our favorite GH actors, and do an occasional drive-by through some message boards, I grow concerned. Have we become our own worst enemy? Have the mob wars that once only threatened Port Charles become the reality among GH fans? If so, we may be laying a trap for our show to be fitted for cement shoes and meet with an untimely death.

Instead of filling up message boards and comment lines with negativity and threats, why not look for the Beauty of GH daily, and put THAT out there? You know, the moment that made you chuckle to yourself, or get a little choked up, or made you wish you had John Frieda-worthy Brilliant Brunette hair and weighed 100 pounds so that Jason could flip you around without effort…or a visit to a spine specialist. Do you know the moments I’m talking about? I think you do, or you’d be watching Dr. Phil….or whatever comes on in your time zone opposite GH.

These are the moments the big honchos at the network and the show’s writers and producers need to hear about. We may even help them see something they might have overlooked! Let’s tell them what we want to see MORE of, instead of complaining about what we’re NOT getting. The point is our voices have the power to influence…let’s wield that power carefully! Not all of us have Nielsen boxes, so unless the right people know that GH still matters to us, they “can make it disappear” just as quickly as if Sonny had given the order.  So join me as I look for the Beauty of GH daily. We may not always see the same thing, but the more there is to see, the more there is to watch…and that, my fellow GHers is what keeps shows on the air!

I hope to hear from you about the beauty you find daily! Together, we can spread the GH Love far and wide! Happy Viewing!


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